Thursday, August 02, 2012

Saturday, July 07, 2012


i've been slacking lately. but i actually feel a little bit more caught up.  i mean, the 4th of july was just a few days ago, right?  i've become a big i-phone picture taker and instagrammer lately so i need to make sure to upload those on here, too.  those will come next.  speaking of the 4th, i'm having my 4th baby in november!  i'm pretty sure anyone who reads my blog is also friends with me on facebook where i made the big announcement a while back but, just in case, there you go blogging world!  alexa and her little sister will be 10 months apart, and even though we didn't plan to have our 3rd and 4th so close together, we are so excited and can't wait.  i think they will be so close and have so much fun growing up together.  being a twin myself i know what it is like to have a sister so close and i am grateful that my two girls will have a similar experience!

july 4th...we had a great holiday this year.  we woke up and went to our ward breakfast and bike parade in the morning.  the boys were so excited to decorate their bike and scooter and to be a part of the festivities.  then, travis went to help his sister and family move into their new house while the kids and i went home for lunch and naps.  then we spent the rest of the day at nana and papa's pool and had a little barbecue and fireworks later.  i am so grateful to be an american. 
brady and miles.  2 months apart.  they really love each other about 99% of the time:)

and for taylor.  he'll be home in a month but we didn't want him to think that we forgot about him!  p.s. that's supposed to be a heart at the end...not an apple.

Friday, July 06, 2012


calvin had a great first year of t-ball! he had a great team and played so well. he loved going to his games twice a week and if you ask him he'll tell you that he hit a home-run every game! he's definitely a natural, though. he'll definitely be ready for coach's pitch next year. his first game was on my birthday. earlier in the week before that he overheard his nana telling some of us that while travis was growing up he usually had a game on his mom's birthday and every birthday he hit her a home-run as a birthday present. in t-ball, you get three turns at bat. in the last inning, calvin was one of the first to bat but he still had in his mind that he wanted to hit me a home-run. so near the end of the game he came running up to me and whispered in my ear that he was going to hit me a home-run. he immediately ran up to his coach, and ended up being the last one to bat. he hit a great ball, past all of the fielders, and, since he was last to bat, he got to run around all of the bases! he hit me his first home-run on my birthday! it was the sweetest thing. i'm hoping to keep this a birthday tradition for me, too!
he just looked at this picture and said, "i didn't keep my elbow up in this picture."

very serious.

the coach was always trying to tell the boys that when it wasn't their turn to bat they needed to sit on the bench.  see how many of the boys were listening?  that's my calvin.  always listening and doing what he's supposed to!

calvin's still figuring out the art of fielding.  he's very aggressive and competitive and he thought that every time the ball was hit he needed to be there to get the ball.  even if it meant running all the way from third base to first.  and he usually was there along with the rest of his team wrestling for the ball to see who could get it first!  haha.  the joy of t-ball.

and here's what miles has been up to!  i finally had to tell him that he was too big for alexa's toy.